Born and raised in Naples I am an expert In the many different regions and coastlines of Italy. For the past decade I have learned, traveled and dedicated my professional expertise to the culinary and tourism industry.

True Italian Culture

I have a lifetime of experience dining, drinking and living the Italian lifestyle. I founded Alfoodies as an intimate culinary experience, sharing the recipes of my Nonna with private clients and friends. What started as a small passion for my own cultural heritage grew into a mission to provide the most treasured wines, recipes and memories from my country.

“My own cultural heritage grew into a mission to provide the most treasured wines, recipes and memories from my country.”

That's Amore

My passion is to create first class culinary journeys filled with cherished Italian recipes, to share warm days in the vineyards and cool evenings alongside hand chosen wines, and to deliver enduring experiences, from the colourful coastline of the Amalfi Coast to the cool waters off the coast of Capri. My passion is my clients – but more importantly, my friends.


Alfoodie Custom pasta and pizza classes will teach you the traditional Neapolitan pasta’s and pizza’s that are known worldwide.
learn the emotion of pizza margherita, gnocchi sorrentini, ravioli and so much more.


Life is too short to drink bad wine.
We believe Alfoodie’s should offer wines that not only expand your knowledge but also give you a benchmark for quality. This is the guiding principle behind the Alfoodie Wine Experience.

Vacation Packages

Alfoodie all inclusive packages range from 4 to 7 days at our private resorts with our private chefs, sailing captains, and guided excursions.
Custom vacation packages are always welcome.

An Exquisite Experience

My passion for these places and their histories will help you to have the best possible experience. My tours are small, personalized, and completely guided. I show you the best of what the region has to offer.


A food and sightseeing trip of Naples will provide you with a genuine experience of one of Italy's unique culinary centers. Spend some time exploring the city, stopping at the main squares and basilicas, as well as hidden eateries where you can sample local cuisine. As you move from one mini-feast to the next, you will learn about the history of Naples while dining on everything from zucchini flowers to ragù, baccalà, and pizza. This tasty tour is in itself a meal.



Experience the exotic cruising lifestyle of the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts! While enjoying cool prosecco, we will travel from Sorrento to the city of Vico Equense and along the Sorrentine coast to Amalfi. Swimming in blue water is a magical experience. You will visit some exclusive villas and my favorite hidden sites around the enchanted Amalfi Coast.


Experience the exotic sorrento coast cruising lifestyle! We will start from Sorrento; Vico Equense city, we will go to Capri, all around the Sorrento coast all while we are sipping chilled prosecco overlooking Faraglioni. You will see all some vip villas and all of my favorite hidden spots of the magical coast.


Enjoy all of Ischia's best sights with tour of the island. Ischia Review offers a wide range of tours which are designed to see the very best of the island and of course enjoy a memorable day out.


Come explore the iconic bay of Naples island of Procida, named the Italian culture capital for 2022. You will cruise around the island and admire the beauty of this unique island lying between Capo Miseno and Ischia.

Amalfi Coast Cruise

Experience the exotic Amalfi and Sorrento coast cruising lifestyle! We will start from Praiano to all the amalfi coast all while we are sipping chilled prosecco. Swimming in blue water will be magical. You will see historic villas and many of my favorite hidden spots of the magical amalfi coast.

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